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People, Not Politics

Change In Pierre Starts Here


Experience Matters

Christine knows her community.

  • She served on the Rapid City school board and understands the important role that state legislators play in a district’s success. 

  • She is a physical therapist who has worked with children and families in their homes, their schools, and in the clinic. She understands the importance of having high-quality health care in our rural state. 

  • She and her husband own a small business. Their livelihood depends on maintaining a strong economy in western South Dakota. 

  • She is a busy parent who knows firsthand the complexities families face juggling work with parenting and community involvement.

Giving a Speech

Responsible Leadership

Christine knows that responsible leaders:

  • Answer to the people, not to lobbyists or outside interest groups.

  • Honor the will of the people when they pass ballot initiatives and constitutional amendments.

  • Don’t just work for their generation; they work for their children and their children’s children;

  • Understand that government should protect the safety and well-being of all citizens.


Hard Work

South Dakotans work hard. So should our legislators.

  • As a small business owner, physical therapist and parent, Christine is no stranger to hard work. She will bring this work ethic to Pierre. 

  • Christine will work to level the playing field for all South Dakotans, so that anybody who works hard stands a good chance at success. 

  • Christine will be a voice for those South Dakotans who are unable to advocate for themselves. 

  • Christine’s service on the school board proves that she will show up and lead with intelligence and civility.

Our Legislature Needs to Refocus

April 6, 2022

South Dakota is growing, and the state needs to plan for that growth. We need more housing, more nursing homes, more daycares, more mental health care providers, and improved schools. 

But the 2022 legislative session failed to address most of these issues. Instead, our legislators were wrapped up in intra-party bickering and grandstanding about national issues. Instead of focusing on how they can make life better for South Dakotans, they played politics. 

We can do better than this. 

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Stephenson for South Dakotans
1521 Forest Drive
Rapid City, D, 57701

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